C litter

C litter (Covid Litter) was born 18.03.2020: 5 girls+ 3 boys.  All the puppies are in new homes.

Females: Cuenca, Celia, Cariñena, Canias, Camarillas

Males: Caballeros, Castillo, Corazon

Sire: Zagal De Alba de los Danzantes with Sketrick (HD BTV 8 = HD 0: free, PL 0/0)


Dam: Alba Patou von Traumberg (HDA/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, OCD neg., DM N/N )

The litter is based on line breeding to genetically valuable ancestors (from Spain and France). Inbreeding in four generations: about 7 % (low).

Alba is healthy, beautiful, and strong-boned female with magnificent head and expression. She is awarded excellent 1 in CH class (out of 7) and second Best female at NE Argeles, France 2019 (under breed specialist Mr. Alain Pecoult from France). Arán, the litter brother of Alba is CH de France and he won even twice BOB + BIS at French National specialty (2017 and 2018)  Argeles in France. Alba has been thoroughly examined, not only for hips, elbows, knees, etc.., but also for degenerative myelopathy, she is healthy in all aspects. Alba is mother our previous litter, 7 of her descendants have been already X-rayed, all 7 with HD A (HD free) result.

Zagal "Zimba" (HD and PL free) was bred in the worldwide famous kennel De Alba Do Los Danzantes, his amazing father  - English CH Sketrick Next Connexion "Hugo" is bred in well known kennel Sketrick, England. Zimba is absolutely stunning, beautiful, tall and very noble young male with magnificent head and magnifique expression, strong pigmentation. He has already sired a litter in England (10 puppies). Zimba he went res. CAC at NE Argeles 2019 (under well known breed specialist Mr. J. V. Pocas from Portugal), BOB and BIS at Dutch specialty (judge: Mrs. Lucia Giraldi), etc. Many thanks to Mrs. Lesley Waters for letting me use this amazing young male!

Sire Zagal De Alba De los Danzantes with Sketrick


Corazon, born as Nr. 2  (Czech republic)

9 months

Castillo aka "Chicko", born as Nr. 3 (Czech republic)

 Caballeros, born as Nr. 3 (Czech republic)


 Canias, born as Nr. 1 (Czech republic)

 Camarrilas, born as Nr. 4

(lives together with her sister Canias at organic farm)

Cariňena, born as Nr. 5 (staying with us)

Celia, born as Nr. 7 (Netherlands)

Cuenca aka "Aira", born as Nr. 8 (Lithuania)