Pedigree and Ancestors

Health certificates, etc.

Biesca Patou von Traumberg

D.O.B.: 27.03.2018

Sire: Ch De France, CH of Spain Xico De Alba de los Danzantes (Iberniu Patou De L'Hourquette De Bigerionnes x Roda De Alba de los danzantes)

Dam: C.I.B., Multi CH Alba Patou von Traumberg (Covermount Big Block x CH Kora De Alba de los danzantes)

Aproved brood bitch

Height: 70 cm, weight: 46 KG

Dentition: a full scissor bite

Official health tests:

HD (hips): A/A (A)

ED (elbows): 0/0

OCD (shoulders): negative, free

Patella (knees): 0/0

LTV (lumbosacral transitional vertebra): 0 (normal)

DNA profile determined

DNA test certificate for DM (Degenerative myelopathy in dogs): N/N - mutation not detected, healthy, not carrier

Test De Comportement R.A.C.P.: aproved at NE in Argeles Gazost 2019

Biesca and her sister Belsué

Biesca, 2 years old

Biesca with her mum Alba

Biesca with her uncle Arán