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Bastán Patou von Traumberg

D.O.B.: 27.03.2018

Sire: CH De France Xico De Alba De los Danzantes

Dam: C.I.B., CH Alba Patou von Traumberg

Owner: Dr. Roman Mrva, CZ

Aproved stud male (available only for aproved and hipscored females) If you are interested in mating, contact me.

Height: 78,5 CM

Weight: 63 Kg


HD (hips): A/A

ED (elbows): 0/0

PL (knees):  0/0


Czech Junior CH

Club Junior CH

Junior BIG I

Junior BOD I

23 months

Junior BOD I + Junior BIG I

Bastán (BOJ + Winner of Prague 2019) and Arán (BOB + Winner of Prague 2019)

Bastán "Míša" and his uncle Arán

Bastán "Míša", Belsué "Lafi" a Arán

Excellent pigmentation of Bastán already in puppy age