News 2020

30.12.2020 New pictures

New photos of our dogs. I have also added new pictures of pretty girl Bielsa (B litter) and pictures of beautiful boys Bastán "Míša" and Castillo (C litter) - see the collage below.  Hopefully the next year will be much better than covid year 2020 and we all will have a possibility to meet with friends, to attend dog shows and to live our "normal" life again...

Alba and her amazing mother Huesca - almost 12 years old

Alba with her pretty daughters Cariňa a Biesca

Girls  + their little friend Míša

Arán and Cariňa

Cariňa and Biesca

Sweet Bielsa

Castillo and Bastán "Míša"

20.12.2020 new pictures

Cariňa is now 9 months old, she has grown up and she is a a big and strong girl. Due lockdown we are still "prisoners" in our own country, no any dog shows, no travelling, the pubs are closed, etc.. It's a strange time...The only hope for us is the new vaccine against Covid, I hope the vaccine will be available in the Czech republic soon.

Help! We hate lockddown!

15.12.2020 Our girls during lockdown time...

14.12.2020 Bogie at shows in USA 

Bogart Patou von Traumberg aka "Bogie"  did well at shows in USA last weekend, he  won his class, Best Of Winners, Best Of Breed, achieving all the points needed for his Championship, he just needs one more competition win.  Huge congratulatations! 

12.12.2020 New pictures

Walk with 5 girls (Huesca, Alba, Lizie, Biesca and Belsué "Lafi")

Cariňa with her favorite "toy"

Huesca + her graunddaughters Biesca + Cariňa

05.12.2020 New pictures

21.11.2020 New photos of Arán's daughter Mea (lives with her breeder in Sweden)

Joquibaz Waimea Ar-Ja "Mea" (HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) from combination Arán x Joquibaz Miss Goody Two Shoes has grown up and she is really beautiful young female with amazing head and expression and strong bones. Thank you Jesssica for her pictures!

Photos: © Jessica Person

17.11.2020 Beautiful Bergerac

I'm really happy to see the corporeal development of  Bergerac Patou von Traumberg (HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, DM clear), who lives in Hungary. This amazing young boy has a strong body structure, wonderful head + expression and  unique blaireau markings as well.  He is already sire of the litter in Hungary.  Thank you dear István for loving him!


15.11.2020 New pictures: Albinka and her daugher Cariňa

11.11.2020 New pictures of our girls

Huesca (soon 12 years) and her granddaughter Cariňa (7 months)

Cariňena and her half sister Belsué "Lafi" Huesca and her granddaughter Biesca (still out of coat)

Belsué (left) and Cariňena

The little "devil" Cariňa with her mum Albinka

And little "Angel" Cariňa

02.11 New pictures of Cuenca "Aira" (lives in Lithuania) and Cariňa 

Beautiful Cuenca


Cariňa + her mum Alba

06.10.2020 Bastien and Belsué at CACIB Ceske Budejovice, CZ

CH Belsue went Excellent 1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB. She is now new Czech Grand Champion. Bastien went Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB, he became the New Czech Champion. Congratulations to their owners!

25.09 - 27.09. 2xCACIB Palanga, LT + CACIB Maaastricht, NL

25.-26.09 CACIB Palanga, LT: Cuenca: 2 very promissing + 2x  BOB puppy

27.09.2020 CACIB Maasricht, Netherlands, judge: Christian Karcher, F: Celia: Very promissing 1 + BOB puppy

Many thanks to their owners for loving "my litle girls" and huge congratulations!!!!


Cuenca "Aira"

26.09.2020 Beautiful Bergerac is double Hungarian CH

The beautiful young boy JCH Bergerac (HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, DM clear) from the combination XICO x Alba has become the CH of Hungary + Hungarian Show Champion.  BRAVO István and Bergerac, big congratulations, I'm very proud of you both!!! Thank you István for loving him!


12.09. Celia at CAC Zwole, Netherlands

Lovely Celia has participated on her first show in the Netherlands. She awarded Very promissing 1 and BOB Puppy. Congratulations to her owner Marco!


06.09.2020 Belsué "Lafi" and Corazon at CAC Olomouc, CZ

Belsue went Excellent 1 and CAC in Ch class and Corazon went Very promissing in Puppy class. Huge congrats to their owner Bara!


25.08.2020 Club specialty of KCHMPP, Mikulov, CZ, judge: Mr. Miroslav Václavík

We are very happy with our results of club specialty, especially with result of Biesca, she has matured and she is now a very beautiful young lady. Unfortunately we don't know, how will be situation with the Coronavirus, all the Czech national and international shows are cancelled for the rest of the year. No idea, if the next club specialty will be held in the autumn, because the Czech goverment is changing the rules every day.The club show was limited to maximally 600 entered dogs and the Czech govermount has just 1 day after the show has changed the rules for the social events and public meetings again, the number of the participants in any event has been reduced for no more than 100 persons..

Results of our dogs:

Biesca: Excellent 1, CAC, BOB
Cariňa: Very promissing 1 (Puppy class) 

Castillo Patou von Traumberg: Very promissing 1, shortlisted in BIS puppy; Caballeros Patou von Traumberg: Very promissing 2 (Puppy class); Corazon Patou von Traumberg: Very promissing 3


07.07.2020 Celia left for the Netherlands

Beautiful Celia left for new home in the Netherlands. I wish her wonderful life with her new family.

17.05.2020 Bogie - HD and ED free!

Bogart Patou von Traumberg aka "Bogie" (living in USA) has been officially X-rayed with the best possible results (OFA system): HD - excellent, ED - normal, free. I'm very happy breeder, because 8 of 9 puppies in total are HD, ED free (and also PL, OCD free). Congratulations to his owner Desiree!

08.05.2020 Pups got the 1st vaccionation and microchips

18.03.2020 Puppies are born

We have 8 pups in total, 5 females and 3 males, all pups have nice markings and great start to the pigmentation.

01.03.2020 Beautiful Bergerac at CACIB Graz, Austria

The beautiful Bergerac went in intermediate class Excelllent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Huge congratulations to his owner István!!!

16.02.2020 Happy 11th Birthday dear Huesca!!!