News 2021

17.01.2021 Winter pictures

Our dogs enjoy the snow, especially the little Cariňa.
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10.01.2021  finally snow!

Sisters Belsué "Lafi + Biesca (in the middle) and their half sister Cariña


Corazon Patou von Traumberg at farm

Castillo Patou von Traumberg

Cariña and Biesca


Our dear old lady Huesca

Albinka, Biesca + Cariña

02.01.2021 with a smile on face into the new year 2021!

Albinka + her daughters Cariña and Biesca
Beautiful Cuenca (lives in Lithuania)

Cariña and Biesca


6 Girls on a walk (Lizie, Albinka, Gábi, Biesca, Lafi and Cariña).

Happy New year!

The year 2020 has been quite a difficult one for most of us, the coronavirus pandemic did not only wreck our health, but also left quite a lasting impact on most of our lives. One that will continue to affect our lives even when this whole nightmare is over. Happy New Year! And stay safe!